Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?

Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?
Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?

Can Monstera grow in water forever? Over the years, I have seen this question asked on many occasions. It’s an interesting topic that has become a hot debate. Even our own research team had differing opinions. So let’s explore this question together so you can make your own decision.

Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?

If properly cared for, your  Monstera plant can grow in water forever. To get the greatest results, we suggest taking a cutting, placing it in water, and allowing it to develop.

You must guarantee that it always has fresh water, thus we recommend changing the water every 3-5 days. You might also experiment with putting liquid fertilizer in the water to see if it increases the likelihood of growth.

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Will Your Monstera Flourish In Water, Or Will It Just Survive?

If you really want your Monstera to thrive, make sure you pot it properly in soil. You can’t keep your Monstera plant in water and expect it to get the nutrients it needs from the soil. It will, however, be good to keep your Monstera plant in water to keep it alive and good.

Personally, I believe that the appearance of a little plant in an interesting vase may be just stunning. I’ve seen folks utilize a variety of glass containers to store their Monstera, including jam jars and old-school Coca-Cola bottles. It provides you with the opportunity to be quite imaginative.

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Do Monsteras Keep Growing Leaves In Water?

Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?

It should not take more than 2 weeks or so for Monstera cuttings to begin producing roots once they are submerged in water under typical conditions.

Provided that the plant is getting sufficient light, you should be able to see a couple of new leaves grow after the roots have been established. The important thing to remember is that Monsteras will not reach their full growth potential if they are kept in water for an extended period of time.

Because this isn’t its normal habitat, the plant isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to grow as large as it can. As long as it is submerged in water, it will remain at a smaller size, and the foliage will not develop as they would otherwise.

You can obviously see what is happening if you pay attention. The plant will undoubtedly continue to produce new leaves on a regular basis, but with each new leaf that is produced, an older or bigger leaf will fall off. So, even if the plant is growing, it will effectively retain the same size.

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Cutting a Monstera

 Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?

A Monstera or other plant cutting is exactly what it sounds like: you cut a section off an existing plant, in this example, a Monstera. The cutting may be a section of the stem or root, which you then put in water and wait for it to germinate and grow into a new plant all on its own.

It really couldn’t be much easier to make your own Monstera cutting. Nothing more complicated than snipping the stem and putting it in water is required.

The most effective method is to take a stem cutting that has numerous nodes or leaves. If you want to make things as simple as possible, i propose that you use sharp scissors or secateurs.

Make sure they’re clean, too, so that you don’t contaminate the cutting process by accident. Aerial roots may be beneficial, although they are not absolutely necessary for the growth of the new plant. It’s important to take the time to remove any foliage that are lower down on the stem since they would otherwise be buried in water.

As soon as you’ve placed the cutting in a pot filled with water, you should take your Monstera to a location where it will get lots of light but not direct sunlight. Once you’ve completed this step, all that remains is to wait.

After a period of time, the cuttings will begin to develop roots. You may then pot them as you normally would, or, as is the objective of this article, leave them in water and enjoy both the roots and the foliage.

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How Long Would A Monstera Cutting Take To Root?

It takes very little time for a Monstera cutting to get rooted. It should begin to establish roots within 2 – 3 weeks if you are giving it proper care, which includes supplying it with fresh water and lots of sunlight.

By the end of the third month, your Monstera should have a good number of roots and should seem to be in generally good health and strength. It’s possible that it’s even started to grow new leaves!


Can Monstera Grow In Water Forever?

To summarize, you can keep your Monstera alive forever if you maintain it in fresh water that you change every 3-5 days and make sure it receives enough light without being in direct sunlight.

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Can Monstera Live In Water?

Can Monstera Live In Water?

Does Monstera Grow Faster In Water?

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