How Often to water Pothos in winter?

How Often to water pothos in winter?
How Often to water pothos in winter?

Pothos should be watered once a month throughout the winter

Reduce the frequency of your pothos’ watering to once a month or less if possible. It will take longer for the soil to dry up and it may get overwatered. Allow any extra water to drain out of the bottom of the pothos by watering it over the sink.

Check the soil to determine whether it needs more watering. In the presence of a heat source, such as a fireplace or heater, pothos will continue to dry out. It is preferable to relocate it to a location where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Keeping the pothos happy and avoiding leaf damage will assist to keep them healthy.

Water with a seaweed solution

Because it is a mild root conditioner, seaweed solution is an excellent addition to your pothos plantation. It will help to strengthen the plant and make it more resistant to colder weather as well as rapid temperature fluctuations. Every month throughout the autumn, you may add seaweed solution to your watering can to get it ready for winter.

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Taking care of Pothos in the winter

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Move it near a bright window

If you place the pot near a sunny window throughout the winter months, you will have an easier time maintaining the variegation in the leaves. In the winter, my fresh pothos that are closest to the window have grown more white spots than green.

During the winter, as the sun rises higher, you may need to relocate your pothos. Choose a window in the kitchen, the top of a bookcase near a window, or a shelf. Pothos will begin to orient their leaves toward the sun, which will allow them to continue to thrive during the winter.

If the pothos plant is kept too chilly throughout the winter, the soil will remain damp for a longer period of time, and the roots of the pothos will begin to rot. If you see that the plant is beginning to wilt or turn yellow, it is possible that the plant is excessively damp.

Decrease your watering frequency and set it near a light window to assist it in drying out more quickly.

Pothos should be fertilized.

Pothos’ roots, stems, and leaves benefit from pre-winter fertilization to strengthen them before the weather gets cold. When you apply a slow release fertilizer in the fall, you give the plant plenty of time to absorb the nutrients before the plant begins to slow its growth in the winter.

Prepare your pothos for winter by repotting them.

Pothos could be repotted before the winter months to ensure that it grows rapidly in the spring months. Prior to the conclusion of the growing season, remove your pothos from its present pot and repot it in a pot that is 1-2 inches bigger and deeper than its current container using high-quality potting soil.

In order for pothos to flourish to its full potential, it should be re-potted every two to three years.

Before winter sets in, pot up your pothos cuttings.

Prior to the arrival of winter, pothos cuttings should be transplanted outside. During this time, the pothos roots should be about 3-4 inches long or small white roots have formed on aerial roots. If you are collecting cuttings in the autumn, it will normally take 4 weeks until this occurs, on average.

Pothos’ development will be slowed over the winter, and it is possible that no new leaves will sprout until the spring. Don’t be concerned; this is totally typical, and you should begin to see new leaves and inches of growth as soon as the weather begins to warm.

Remove any dead or dying leaves.

Early winter is an excellent time to prepare your pothos so that they will look beautiful for three months without any further care. Sharp scissors or secateurs should be used to snip off any brown or yellowing leaves that are at the base of the stem. The plant’s appearance will suffer as a result of these wilted leaves.

Cut them back, and your pothos will look fantastic during the winter months with minimal care. While the winter months are a slow period for pothos development, they will remain green and tidy for around 3 months without any further care.

Keep the misting to a minimum.

During the winter months, it may be necessary to lower the quantity of misting applied to the pothos leaves in order to maintain the leaves healthy. During the spring and summer, misting the pothos plant can be a great way to temporarily increase the humidity for the plant; however, misting the pothos plant during the winter can cause the leaves to become too wet.

If the leaves of the pothos are left wet for an extended period of time, fungus can develop and cause problems. Misting is ideal in the summer and early spring, however it is sometimes preferable to water the plant at its base.

Is it possible for pothos to survive the winter?

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Pothos will survive the winter if you prepare it with a slow release fertilizer in the autumn, position it near a light window inside, and water it once a month throughout the winter. Over the winter, pothos, a resilient indoor plant, will provide color and life to a drab room.

As long as they receive plenty of light, variegated pothos will remain happy and productive throughout the winter. This is vital for ‘super white’ pothos.

What temperature is too cold for pothos?

Pothos thrive in a moderate environment with temperatures ranging from 55 to 85 ℉ inside. To assist pothos survive a cold winter, avoid allowing the temperature to fall below 50 degrees. When temperatures drop, it may be necessary to bring an outdoor pothos within to keep it warm.

What is the best way to water pothos in the winter?

During the winter, pothos should be watered once a month. The soil will remain wet for a longer period of time, making it easier to overwater them. If in doubt, check the soil two inches below with your finger; if it is dry, you may deep water the pothos. As long as the weather remains cool, this should keep it moist for another 4 weeks.


How often to water pothos in winter?

Pothos is a hardy plant that can easily withstand the harshest of winters in a temperate climate. If you have pothos outside and it is a very cold winter, bring them inside. Indoor pothos should be placed near a bright window and watered once every four weeks.

Pothos are my favorite indoor plant since they are easy to care for and will thrive if they are given enough water.

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