Marble Queen Pothos – A Complete Care Guide

Is misting good for pothos?
Is misting good for pothos?

Marble Queen Pothos can easily add aesthetics to your interiors. Also, it is comparatively easy to maintain, as well. However, before you get one, it is a good idea to know what conditions they thrive in.

Our Marble Queen Pothos Care Guide below will help you understand not only how to preserve this plant but also make it thrive. Before you get one, go through our guide below to make it easy to add these indoors.

How To Care For Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos Light Needs

Since Marble queen pothos are often kept indoors, it is essential to look at the light conditions in which it can grow.

The versatility of Marble Queen Pothos is that it can handle lowlight conditions as well. However, if you want to make it grow faster, you should expose it to medium to bright light. However, the light should be indirect.

A vital tip to consider is that you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If your Marble Queen Pothos is directly exposed to sunlight, it might burn and wither away.

That is why, when you’re adding it to your indoor plant collection, you have to ensure that you are optimizing the room for medium to bright light.

Marble Queen Pothos Temperature

One of the main reasons why Marble Queen Porthos has become so popular is because of the easy to maintain conditions which it needs.

The temperature range in the room can vary from 65F to 85F. If you observe closely, this is the same range in which you and I can feel comfortable.

Due to the same, you will not have to opt for any unique temperature adjusting mechanism when you’re keeping Marble Queen Porthos indoors.

Best Soil For Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos prefers drier soil. Due to the same, when you’re potting it, you should choose a well-drained soil type. The well-drained soil ensures that the extra water is drained off quite quickly. Due to the same, the soil can turn dry quickly.

If the soil remains wet for a longer period, the chances of the nutrients getting washed away is on the higher side. In that case, such a plant will not be able to grow. Due to the same, it is essential to use well-drained dry soil while planting this plant.

The soil type which you choose should have a pH between 6.1 to 6.5. When that is the pH range, this plant can grow quickly.

Does Marble Queen pothos like humidity

Marble Queen Pothos can work with low levels of humidity. The humidity level which it can handle is as low as 40%.

The general humidity levels should be kept between 40% to 60%. However, the higher the humidity level, the better it is for your Marble Queen Pothos.

With such a wide range of humidity compatibility, you can be sure that planting it indoors is not going to be a problem.

Marble Queen Pothos Watering

As stated above, Marble Queen Pothos prefer soil to be on the drier side. That is why the watering mechanism which you need to follow is pretty specific.

You need to ensure that you are initially keeping the upper layer of the soil slightly damp. Since the soil is well-drained, the upper few layers will dry out pretty quickly.

Water it only when the upper layer is 50% dry/ You have to follow this mechanism throughout the spring and summer.

On the other hand, you have to ensure that the soil, especially the upper layers, turn completely dry before watering it again in fall and winter.

As you can see, Marble Queen Pothos does not require frequent watering. That is another advantage of Marble Queen Porthos.

Best Marble Queen Pothos Fertilizer

With this Marble Queen Pothos, you will not have to worry about frequent fertilization as well. It requires fertilizer once a month.

You have to stick to this frequency during the growing season. When you’re adding fertilizer to the soil, you have to dilute it to half strength and after that, add it.

The fertilizer requirement is such that it does not need a lot of fertilizer and does not need frequent fertilization either. That is why you will not have to spend a lot of time tending to it.

Marble Queen Pothos Pruning

Marble Queen Pothos is exceptionally fast-growing. That is why you might have to think about pruning it from time to time.

The good news is that the pruning is not dangerous or damaging to your Marble Queen Pothos. If you want to prune on the stems, you have to do so during the early spring. Doing so ensures that you get bushy growth.

However, the good news is that if you want to prune the dead or the damaged leaves, you can do that throughout the year.

In a nutshell, maintaining it is not going to be an issue.

How do you propagate Marble Queen pothos

Repotting Marble Queen Pothos is easy. However, it should not be done frequently.

The plant can remain in a pot for up to one year. When the roots overgrow or the soil becomes too loose, you have to propagate it to a new pot. The repotting mechanism is easy.

You have to remove it along with the soil from one pot and shed the soil and the pebbles. After that, you have to keep it on the bed of soil in the new pot. After that, you have to add additional soil to the new pot

The good news is that the propagation requires just a few minutes. The procedure is easy.

Pests & Diseases

The most common disease such a plant can suffer from is rotting due to overwatering. It happens when the roots are submerged in excessive water for a few days. Due to the same, you have to wait for the soil’s upper layer to dry before watering it again.

Pests like Mealybugs, the scale can affect these plants. When these pests affect the plant, they often result in stunted growth and distorted color.

Mealybugs are characterized by a cotton ball-like appearance, while scale looks like bumps on the leaves or the plant’s stem. Both of them are white.

The way to eliminate these pests is relatively easy. You had to take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. You have to touch the pests with this cotton ball. Once you do so, you can get rid of the pests quite easily.

If you plan to add Marble Queen Pothos to your indoor plant collection, follow our Marble Queen Pothos Care Guide above. Once you do so, it will become very easy for you to add aesthetics to your plant collection.

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