Yucca Gloriosa Care – A Complete Guide

Yucca Gloriosa
Yucca Gloriosa

How to Care for Yucca Gloriosa

Yucca Gloriosa plants are hardy evergreens and they have spiky, fleshy foliage. These plants will eventually establish a branched trunk.

During the late summer the Yucca Gloriosa plants will develop clusters of bell-shaped flowers that are white in colour. The flowers on these plants are popular with bumblebees.

In regions that are milder the flowers on these plants will develop into fruit. Birds especially starlings are attracted to the  fruit on these plants.

These plants are useful for growing in dry areas with sunny gardens and coastal locations. It is possible for young plants to be grown in a container.

The leaves on the Yucca Gloriosa plants have attractive pink and yellow vegetation. This plant will grow in soil that is well drained and in sunny areas. These are a reasonable easy plant to look after and require very little care.

These plants are native to southeast America. Yucca Gloriosa plants can grow up to about two meters in height.

What Does Your Yucca Gloriosa Require?

Light Requirements

Yucca Gloriosa plants thrive in direct sunlight therefore they are perfect for sitting in the window.

These plants are also able to do well in bright but indirect light. Yucca Gloriosa plants that are in areas of low light will develop less flowers and have thinner growth.

Plants that are grown in shady areas will develop at a slow pace, which may be an advantage.  

Temperature Requirements

Yucca Gloriosa plants are adapted to living in the desert therefore they can cope with fluctuating temperatures of thirty-two degrees Centigrade during the day falling to one degree centigrade during the night.

These plants can thrive at average indoor temperatures and they can thrive in dry conditions.

Soil Requirements

Yucca Gloriosa plants naturally grown in dry sandy deserts. These plants are best planted in well drained loose potting mix.  The potting mix that is used for this part does not need to be  rich or specially formulated. 

It is best to use an inexpensive potting mix and possibly mix in some horticultural graded perlite and sand to maximise the rate of drainage.

Humidity Requirements

Yucca Gloriosa plants will thrive at moderate levels of humidity. As these are desert plants, they are able to cope well with dry conditions. There is no need to spray these plants with mist.

How to Water Yucca Gloriosa?

Yucca Gloriosa plants are very sensitive to getting water logged. During the main growing season of spring and summer these plants should be water regularly.

These are plants which will need to have a good level of drainage and be allowed to dry before being watered again. During the winter month Yucca Gloriosa plants should be watered occasionally.

Always avoid letting a yucca gloriosa to sit in tray that is filled with water.

How to Fertilise Yucca Gloriosa?

Yucca Gloriosa plants need to be fertilised during the main growing season. It is best to use a liquid fertiliser and use it following the provided instructions. It is best to feed these plants with fertiliser once a month.

Is Yucca Gloriosa Plants Toxic?

These plants contain steroidal saponins within their leaves which are chemicals that can cause intestinal irritation and problems for the nervous system. This plant has a bitter taste; therefore, it is uncommon for cats and dogs to consume it in quantities that would be dangerous.

This plant has been known to cause problems for grazing animals such as horses.

Extra Tips for Yucca Gloriosa

Pests & Diseases

There are several pests and diseases that Yucca Gloriosa plants are susceptible to. Some of the most common problems include curly leaves, brown or yellow discoloration and lesions.

Stem Rot

Rotting stems is a common problem and the main cause of this problems in Yucca Gloriosa is a bacterium. The bacteria damage the stem causing a mushy discharge. When the root becomes rotten it will give off an unpleasant odour.

To avoid this problem, use a potting soil and sterilise the pots whilst the cuttings are being potted.

Grey Spotting on the Leaves

This a fairly common problem in Yucca Gloriosa plants. The spotting tends to appear on the old leaves of the plant. When a yucca gloriosa plant develops this problem, it is best to remove the affected area and apply a fungicide treatment.

Brown Spots

Brown spots is another problem  that can affect yucca gloriosa plants and these spots tend to have a diameter of about three centimetres. These spots tend to have a purple border around the spot. The leaves will eventually become discoloured and turn brown or yellow.

If you have this problem on your plant the affected area can be removed and sprinkle a fungicidal treatment over the other parts of the plant.


Yucca Gloriosa plants will need to be pruned back occasionally. When these plants get to big for the area that they are being kept in just prune them back. To prune this plant remove it gently from the pot and use a sharp pair of loppers or a saw to cut the trunk into two. 

Repot the roots of the trunk and then give it a good watering.  Pruning the flowers on a Yucca Gloriosa can be done at any time even when it is not in bloom. 

To prune the flowers on these plants, use a sharp pair of pruning shears and cut the stalk at between three and four inches from where it attaches to the main trunk.


The easiest method of propagation for a yucca gloriosa plant is to use the offsets from the older plants. Separate the plant carefully during the repotting process and slice away the offset and place it in a separate container.

These plants can also be propagated using stem cuttings making use of stems that are about four inches in length.

Use a rooting hormone on the end of the stem prior to putting it into the new pot as will maximise the growth potential. Stem cutting can root themselves quickly in the new pot if the soil is kept moist but not soggy.

Yucca gloriosa plants that are kept indoor are unlikely to flower or produce seed. Due to the lack of seeds and flower the only propagation option that will be available is propagation from the vegetation.


How Do You Care for Yucca Gloriosa?      


Yucca Gloriosa plants that are kept indoors will need to be watered regularly during the growing season, which tends to be between April and September.

The plant will need to be watered occasionally probably about once a month during the autumn and winter months. The soil should be allowed to be dry slightly between being watered.

During the growing seasons from late spring to late summer these plants should be fed with a liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks. 


Yucca Gloriosa plants that are kept outdoors will require very little care. Once these plants have become established it is unlikely that they will need to be watered.

Although they will need to be fed a controlled release fertiliser once a year usually in the spring.

As the lower leaves turn brown, they should be removed.  Take care when removing the leaves as they have a spike so wearing protective googles is a good idea.

When the flowering has passed cut back the flowering stems at the point where it joins onto the main part of the plant.

Do Yucca Gloriosa Like Sun or Shade

These plants can do well under a range of conditions. Yucca Gloriosa plant will thrive regardless of whether they have full sun or full shade. Generally, these plants do prefer to have access to sunny and dry environments.

How Fast Do Yucca Gloriosa Grow?

Yucca Gloriosa plants tend to be fast growing and can grow within six weeks. These plants tend to shoot straight up as a single stem and will grown up to several meters. When they are fertilised and watered correctly, they will grow more than one meter per year.

How Long Do Yucca Gloriosa Flowers Last?

During the summer months Yucca Gloriosa plants will  develop a tall stalk with white flowers that are bell shaped.

The flowers on these plants tend to have a high level of fragrance. Flowers on Yucca Gloriosa tend to only last for a few weeks before producing berries that are hard, small, and brown.

Do I need to Protect Yucca Gloriosa Plants During the Winter?

During the winter months it is a good idea to move the yucca gloriosa plants indoors. These plants will not be actively growing during the winter months and they can tolerate a temperature of about seven degrees centigrade during the night and a few degrees higher during the day.

During the winter these plants will do well in a cool conservatory.

Can Yucca Gloriosa Cuttings Be Planted Straight into The Ground?

Cuttings should be taken from the Yucca Gloriosa plant during the spring, but it is possible to take cuttings during the summer months.

Remove the cutting from the adult plant and place it into a cool and shady place for a few days, as this will allow the cutting to dry out which will encourage better rooting.  The yucca gloriosa cutting should then be placed into a potting soil.

Photo by Aubrey Haase from Pexels

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