Can Burnt Monstera Leaves Heal?

Can Burnt Monstera Leaves Heal?
Can Burnt Monstera Leaves Heal?

Can burnt Monstera leaves heal? I guess it depends on how you define “heal”. If you mean can they grow again then no, not really. But, you don’t have to hit the panic button just yet as knowing how to prevent Monstera leaves from burning and getting damaged can be easy.

Can Burnt Monstera Leaves Heal?

Sadly, there is no aloe Vera or sunscreen to treat your burnt Monstera leaves.

Unlike human skin, the burn patches and browned leaf surfaces will not go away. Actually, color loss and faded parts will not recover to their rich greenery state after being exposed to sunlight.

Your Monstera leaves that have been sunburned should be cut off. They’re not going to get better any time soon.

Don’t worry about it. Eventually, your Monstera will begin to develop fresh, healthy-looking leaves. Simply take care of it and keep it in perfect conditions.

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To Prevent sunburn, acclimate your Monstera

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Can Burnt Monstera Leaves Heal?
  1. You must first say goodbye to the sweltering hot sun. Your sunburned monstera should be moved to a shaded spot.
  1. If it’s inside, relocate it away from a window that gets a lot of sunlight. Ideally, it should be placed at least three to four feet away from a window facing west or south.
  1. East-facing windows are good at certain times of day.  It enables your monstera to absorb the pleasant, soft morning sunshine. In the meanwhile, your Monstera plant is protected from the scorching afternoon sun.
  1. Ensure that it receives enough bright, diffused, and indirect sunlight. For instance, you might drape a sheer curtain over the window.
  1. If it’s outdoor, just relocate it to a slightly sunny, partially covered spot.
  1. Outdoors, Monsteras enjoy shady or somewhat shaded places. This might be under a big tree or an umbrella.
  1. Decks, terraces and patios that are covered will also do the trick. Protection from both cold and hot gusts would be good for your Monstera.

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Keep your Monster’s root system moist by watering it

  • When exposed to direct sunlight, monsteras lose a significant amount of water from their tissues.
  • The root zone may get dehydrated if the scorch is extreme enough. It is possible that part of the roots might entirely dry up and perish.
  • Providing your monstera with lots of water is essential to its health. Three to four inches of water in a bathtub or sink works best for me.
  • Allow for roughly 45 minutes of soaking time in the pot. For as long as necessary, or until it achieves a tolerable saturation point
  • Once the root zone has been moistened, let excess water to drain through the bottom drainage holes.
  • Don’t forget to drain the liquid saucer that has been perched on the table. Repeat the process until no more water is leaking from the holes.

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Adjust the frequency of watering according to the season

  1. Before re-watering, let the potting mix dry out a little.
  1. Keep your monstera’s surroundings moist too. Using this method will brighten the leaves and protect the soil from drying out very fast.
  1. Restrict watering throughout the winter and autumn months. The potting mix should have a little dryness to the top two to three inches between waterings.

Harden up your Monstera

Your Monstera leaves are prone to be burnt after emerging from winter dormancy. Especially if you transfer it to an area with a lot of sunlight.

Slowly relocating your Monstera will help to harden it, which will be advantageous later on.

If you’re inside, start from the furthest spot away. Then, gently ease your way toward the windows, which will get bright, indirect light.

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Use Fertilizer During Early Growth Season.

A Monstera needs fertilizer in the spring. Once a month, use a half-strength balanced liquid fertilizer.

Alternate Shade

Covering your windows with a sheer curtain or a shade cloth is an option. This will help diffuse the sun’s rays.

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Frequently asked questions 

Can Burnt Monstera Leaves Heal?

What do you do with burnt monstera leaves?

Cutting away the burned leaves and continuing to water as usual would be my next step. You won’t have any problems recovering from this situation. re-potted it is not recommended. Keep it in the finest light you can offer it.

Should I cut off sunburned leaves?

Sun burnt leaves will ultimately fall off on their own, but you may enhance the appearance of the plant by removing any leaves that have more than 50% damage. Feeding the plant with fertilizer will encourage a fresh flush of growth, which will benefit the plant as well.

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Can Monstera get sunburnt?

The obvious sign of sunburn is a silvery grey or faded hue to the foliage. You may get sunburn if you place your Monstera plant in direct sunlight, or if you place it too near to a grow light.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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How Do You Encourage Monstera Root To Grow?

How Do You Encourage Monstera Root To Grow?

How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?

How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?