How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?

How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?
How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?

So, you’ve decided to bring your beautiful Monstera indoors. Congratulations! These plants need special care, but keeping them happy indoors is possible with a little TLC from you. 

How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?

I recommend planting your Monstera in an area that is well-lit and has space for it to thrive. It should be watered on a weekly basis or whenever the leaves seem to be dry, and dust should be removed from the leaves with a wet cloth to enable the plant to breath and absorb water.

Placement and Lighting

How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?

To help your monstera plant grow, keep it in filtered, sun light to replicate the tropical habitat it is used to. Avoid direct sunlight, which may cause the leaves of your monstera to become yellow or burned.

Keep in mind that they are accustomed to the soft light of the rainforest floor, so don’t be too harsh with them. Your plant’s leaves will suffer more if it is exposed to direct sunlight. To get the best results, it should be kept at roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They’ll be perfectly at home if there’s a little humidity in the air.

There are times when you’ll need to rotate your plant so that it grows evenly on all sides. One of the best places to put your Monstera plant is near a kitchen or bathroom window, where it will receive indirect light and humidity.

Misting it periodically is an option if you’d prefer not move it. If your plant is receiving insufficient light, you may observe a lanky growth pattern, therefore it’s best to place it just few feet away from an eastern, western, or southern-facing window.

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A modest amount of watering is required for the monstera plant to thrive. Before giving your Monstera plant a drink, always check to see whether it needs more water. To determine how dry the soil is, just poke your finger into it.

Give it a drink if the soil is dry to one to two inches below the surface. Monsteras like a peaty, well-draining soil since they are susceptible to root rot if their soil is kept too damp. Watering should be done once a week, with excess water being drained away.

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Overwatering is a no-no for monstera, but humidity is a must. For this reason,, it would need a moderate to high amount of humidity.

Dry climate residents may give their Monstera an extra treat by misting it first thing in the morning so the water has time to evaporate before dusk.


Feeding your Monstera plant in the spring and summer is essential if you want it to create fresh, lush green growth. Keep the soil wet and use a leaf plant liquid fertilizer once a month throughout the summer and spring when your plant is actively growing.

Reduce the amount of watering and fertilizer you use in the autumn and winter months. Root health and growth will benefit greatly from this. If, on the other hand, you observe that your Monstera plant is rapidly outgrowing its container and developing into a monster, limit the frequency and quantity of feed.

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How Do You Care For A Monstera Plant Indoors?

Repotting monsteras every two to four years is necessary to sustain their expanding root system. For this, you’ll often want to choose a container that’s approximately 2 to 4 inches wider and taller so that it has more area to develop.

If you choose to keep your plant’s present size, remove some roots and leaves, replace the soil, and re-pot in the same pot. The main source of nutrients for a plant is its soil, therefore make sure you have a proper soil mix before repotting

Drainage is important for Monsteras, so be sure to ensure that the container has a hole before planting. You may also add clay pebbles or gravel to the bottom of the pot to improve water flow. Because monsteras naturally climb, you’ll want to make sure your container has enough depth to accommodate them.

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Your Monstera plant is capable of growing, therefore it is possible that you will soon begin to notice the plant’s tendency to run. Pruning can help you keep them from taking over your home and making it seem untidy.

It is also possible to use ties and stakes to direct the growth of your Monstera plant in whatever direction you like. Cut back any stems that have very few or even no leaves to make room for new growth.

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Diseases and pests

While most Monsteras are pest-free, some may be vulnerable to mealy bugs beneath their leaves. To stay on the safe side, wipe the leaves down with a moist cloth on a regular basis to eliminate dust. If pests are discovered, clean the leaf with a little pesticide or a dish detergent solution.

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