How do you fix yellow Monstera leaves?

How do you fix yellow monstera leaves?
How do you fix yellow monstera leaves?

How do you fix yellow Monstera leaves?

One of the most common questions we get at is about “How do you fix yellow Monstera leaves”. While it doesn’t affect the plant’s growth it does make leaves look less fresh than when they are green and healthy. 

But, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to fix that. In this article, you’ll discover the most common reasons why your Monstera leaves are yellowing and how you can fix your precious Monstera leaves from yellowing.


How do you fix yellow Monstera leaves?

It’s important to water your plants correctly. Both the quantity and the frequency must be managed.

When you water your monsteras, make sure that any extra water has drained from the drainage openings. This ensures that your monsteras get the correct quantity of water each time you water them.

You may also use a bottom watering approach, which involves laying the pot on a tray filled with water until it reaches the bottom of the pot but not the roots. Allow an hour for this. The roots and soil will absorb water by capillary action.

You should only water your monsteras when they need it, not on a regular basis. This can cause problems with watering, so be careful.

Monsteras’ watering requirements vary with the seasons and the location. This may be checked by inserting fingers into the top few inches of soil to see whether it is dry and in need of watering.

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Monsteras need a humidity level of at least 60% to maintain their health and beauty. Spraying water into the air can quickly solve any humidity problems. It needs to be done several times a day to get the best results.

Room humidifiers are quite common these days and do a great job of increasing air humidity. It should be refilled on a regular basis.

During hot weather, grouping moisture-loving plants together is one of the simplest ways to increase humidity levels. Through the process of transpiration, each plant makes the air around it a little more humid.


Place your monsteras in a location that will give them the ideal light. They love indirect light and the first rays of the sun in the mornings.

In order to reduce the amount of light reaching your monsteras, either relocate it to a different location or use a thin curtain to block direct sunlight.

When moving your monstera to a new place, be careful as they might not like the sudden change.

A north-facing window is usually the one with the least light, leading to low light in low light situations. 

You can move your monsteras to a place where they get more light, or you can use lights like grow lights and LED lights to make them get more light.

Mirrors can be used to reflect light onto the darker areas to lift them.

The space also appears brighter when filled with white pots, walls, and furniture. 

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Avoid damaging your monsteras by keeping them away from harsh conditions.

In order to avoid a chilling breeze coming from open windows or air conditioner vents, keep your pets out of the path.

To prevent damage to your plant, keep it at least a couple of inches away from windows with glass.

Monsteras do not tolerate hot temperatures well. You should keep them away from heaters, furnaces, and vents. The hot air produced by high temperatures harms monsteras and reduces the moisture in the air.


How do you fix yellow Monstera leaves?

Make sure there are enough drainage openings in the pot you have moved your monsteras into.

  • Return them to their previous location. This will reduce the stress caused by temperature and lighting.
  • Use a water-soluble (all-purpose plant food) on your monsteras.
  • If the leaves are damaged, cut them to reduce stress on the roots and soil and to maintain plant health.
  • Avoid fertilizing them for at least a month. If not, this will only increase the stress.

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Your monsteras may be freed from pests using some natural and efficient treatments.

Neem oil

Neem oil is an effective natural pesticide and antifungicide. Spray the plant with 2 tsp per gallon of water. Repeat every week until the issue is resolved.

Pyrethrum spray

Chrysanthemum flowers are dried and used to make pyrethrum. Pour the pyrethrum powder, dish soap, and water into a spray bottle and shake it up to combine.

In order to ensure that the pesticide is in direct contact with the bugs, spray it all over. Any insect that comes into contact with this spray will be killed.

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Pepper spray

To make the spray, combine 2 teaspoons of red pepper, eight drops of dish soap, and a water spray. Spray evenly and repeatedly until the cure is complete.

Capsaicin, found in chili peppers, dill, ginger, paprika, and other hot peppers, is also effective since they contain capsaicin, which repels these insects.

Soapy water

To use, combine 4 cups of water with 5 teaspoons of mild dish soap and mist monsteras with the mixture. Pests will get dried as a result of regular treatment.


Garlic cloves should be planted in the soil around your sick monstera plant to keep pests away and divert bugs from the plant.

Rubbing alcohol spray

Spray on the infected monstera with 1-2 cups of isopropyl alcohol and a quarter cup of water. These treatments will have a significant impact on keeping pests away from the plant and leaves.

Herbal water sprays

Essential oils infused with sage, thyme, rosemary, mint, lavender, and basil are very helpful in eliminating insects.

If you have any of these plants’ fresh leaves, soak them overnight in a bucket of water with a couple of crushed leaves.

On the following day, strain the solution. You may also spray your monsteras with a mixture of water and store-bought oil.

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One tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one cup of crushed dry tobacco leaves should be added to a gallon of warm water.

The nicotine tea should be strained after about half an hour and sprayed directly on the leaves. Make sure to spray the leaves on both sides.

Fertilizing adequately

How do you fix yellow monstera leaves?

Overfeeding your monsteras may not only hurt them, but it can possibly kill them. Proper fertilization is crucial. Over-fertilization must be corrected quickly.

There’s no point in fertilizing your monsteras during the winter months. Instead, fertilize them in the spring and summer months. 

Begin fertilizing towards the end of the winter months. This will help your monsteras flourish throughout the growing season.

Every two months, feed your monstera plant a balanced fertilizer with a N:P:K ratio of 20:20:20.

You should also check the kind of soil, whether it is alkaline, acidic, or rich in nutrients. The need for fertilizer will be reduced if the soil is rich in nutrients.


How do you fix yellow monstera leaves?

You have no idea how they were before you brought them home. Never mix freshly purchased monsteras with other plants without first isolating them and properly inspecting them.

Make sure there is a good balance between light and shade, and avoid either too sunny or an overly shady location. This will help monsteras grow and thrive.

Before you water again, go through your watering routine. Checking the moisture of the soil around your monsteras before watering them is a good idea.

  • Your finger or a moisture meter can tell you how much water the soil needs. To prevent sogginess, leach surplus water from the soil.
  • Your monsteras should be kept in an area that has good air circulation and not in a dark corner.
  • For the best monstera growth, add poles, a small trellis, or any other kind of support.
  • If you see an irregular leaf form, keep pruning them to prevent soil and root pressure.

Keep in mind that taking care of plants is mostly a matter of trial and error. So don’t overthink things before experimenting with different options to determine the best possible care for your monsteras.

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Can you save yellow Monstera leaves?

Can you save yellow Monstera leaves?

How do you get rid of yellow leaves on Monstera?

How do you get rid of yellow leaves on Monstera?