Should I cut off yellow monstera leaves?

Should I cut off yellow monstera leaves?
Should I cut off yellow monstera leaves?

If you ask 10 people this question, “Should I cut off yellow monstera leaves?” you’re likely to get 10 different answers. Some gardeners like to cut yellow monstera leaves, others think this is a horrible idea. So what does the research say?

Should I cut off yellow monstera leaves?

It all depends on the situation. If a few yellow leaves are upsetting you and making your garden look ugly, it’s OK to remove them. 

However, this isn’t required. If you have a lot of yellow leaves, you should look for the source of the issue and fix it (overwatering or a lack of sunlight might be the problem).

Should you cut off dying leaves?

Yes. Remove yellow and dying foliage from your monstera as quickly as possible, but only if it is more than 50% damaged.

The cutting of these leaves helps the plant’s remaining healthy leaves absorb more nutrients while also improving the aesthetics of the plant.

However, even though it may seem straightforward, there is more to it than just cutting off the yellowing leaves. To keep your monstera healthy, you’ll need to determine how much of the leaf is yellow and dying and then remove the affected parts.

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Why Should You Cut Off Dying Leaves?

There are three primary reasons why dying leaves should be removed:

  • To stimulate new growth by releasing nutrients from the soil.
  • To prevent the spread of disease or pests.
  • To enhance health and beauty.

Dead leaves drain the plant of nutrients that might be better employed elsewhere. By removing them, nutrients may be channeled to where they are most needed: the remaining healthy leaves. You don’t really want your monstera wasting its energy on non-viable leaves, so make sure they are removed.

During the active growing season of certain plants, cutting off dead leaves could also promote new growth.

Cutting off diseased or pest-damaged leaves as soon as possible will help prevent the disease from spreading to other sections of the plant. Remove any leaves you find and inspect them. If you suspect a disease or insect infestation, address it right away.

In addition, the yellow and dying leaves on monsteras are unappealing. They seem to be ugly and unpleasant. The health and appearance of these leaves may be improved by cutting them off. Leaving yellowing leaves on certain plants might possibly speed up the plant’s death.

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When to Cut Off Dying Leaves

It is okay to remove a leaf that is entirely dead and brown. Alternately, take into account the extent of the harm first. Trimming back leaves that are less than 50% damaged or have brown tips might help them survive.

It’s OK to cut the full leaf if you don’t like the way half-trimmed leaves appear. Just be sure to remove it cautiously with scissors and never remove more than one-third of a houseplant’s healthy leaves.

It’s not necessary to get rid of any leaves that have become brown or withered. You may leave them on till they fall off on their own. Removing dead leaves enhances your plant’s appearance and health, but it isn’t required. A disease or insect infestation is the only time you’ll need to get rid of the affected leaves.

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How to Remove Dying Leaves

To get the best result, gently pull on the dying leaves and they should fall off without much effort. You may either wait a couple of days and try again, or you can use a pair of clean pruning shears if that doesn’t work.

If a leaf does not simply break off the plant, DO NOT rip it off with your hands. Healthy tissue may be damaged as a result. Shears are the best option if you want to avoid harming your plants.

The leaf should be cut off as near to the stem as possible, taking care not to cut into the stem while using shears. Remove the dead leaves as soon as possible and dispose of them properly. If there is a lot of trash on the soil, it is a good place for pests and diseases to grow.

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Cutting Off Brown Leaf Tips

The brown tips and edges of the leaf may be trimmed off without losing the whole leaf. Using a pair of sharp plant shears, cut the leaf in a way that mimics its natural form. If you follow the form of the leaf while removing the damaged area, the cut will naturally blend in.

After each use, spray disinfectant spray on the blades of your houseplant shears or scissors to prevent disease spread and keep them in good shape.

As your plant matures, older leaves are more likely to turn brown and die. Sometimes, brown leaves show a lack of light, water, nutrients, or disease. If your plant’s leaves are frequently getting brown, ensure that it receives enough sunlight, water, and fertilizer.

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Should I cut off yellow monstera leaves?

Yellow leaves, in general, will not become green again. You may now remove them since they’ve become a problem for the plant.

If you feel that the yellowing of the leaves is the result of aggressive watering, remove the yellowed leaves. Your plant will be able to photosynthesise and perhaps recover as long as it has some leaves.

As long as you preserve the roots, you have the possibility of regrowing the plant even if you clip off all the leaves.

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How do you get rid of yellow leaves on Monstera?

How do you get rid of yellow leaves on Monstera?

Will a yellow monstera leaf recover?

Will a yellow Monstera leaf recover?